BMW R1100S
Owned from 2003 to 2004

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The very troublesome R1100S. A whole catalogue of problems from day one - leaking g/box & bevel box seals, leaking clutch slave cylinder, warped brake discs, disintegrating CAT, knackered paralever bearings...The thing even tried to go on fire due to a badly routed wiring loom and it blew light bulbs with great regularity!  It took me on one tour of Europe and ran like dream - 'til we got home.  When it wasn't spewing oil out of every orifice it was a fantastic bike to ride, probably one of the nicest I've ever owned. I sold it with a mere 17k miles on it &  vowed never to have another BMW bike, it took me six years to get over it. 



 Stunning looking bike - definitely a case of form over function



Loaded up ready for Europe tour 2004


Can't remember what this was for, there were that many things that I lost count


This was sorting the wiring loom that nearly set it on fire, if I'd known then what I was about to
find out later I'd have let the bastard burn!


Starting work on replacing the rear paralever bearings and sorting the warped brake discs



Packing up to leave Chamonix in 2004


Lochcarron Scotland 2004


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