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September 2014

I'd been looking at Z4s for some time, I'd always liked the looks of them and in spite of  the reliability issues of the motorbikes, which I'm well versed in, and the similar things I'd read about with the cars I'm still a bit of closet BMW fan. So, when the MX5 developed a noisy folding power roof motor which was going to cost s to repair, despite it still having a little warranty left I decided it was time to let it go and look for something else. There were also some suspension issues which were going to cost even more money to put right which added weight to my decision.

This Z4 is an older 2006 2.5 Litre Si Sport model finished in the rare Phoenix Yellow, which is an odd colour as it changes depending on the ambient light, sometimes it looks gold, others olive green and sometimes yellow. It's not so much a metallic finish as a soft pearl, it looks far nicer in the flesh than it does in photos.

Dealer photos

The car came from Richtoy a small specialist car dealership who reside in a small village near Scunthorpe. 












The first jobs after buying the car were to change the oils in the gearbox, differential and engine. 

Then to continue with the black accenting theme by replacing the blue BMW badges and a few other things


Starting with turning the kidney grille surrounds from chrome to black



Then the boot roundel and Z4 badge 


The bonnet badge, this one isn't available to buy in black as it's an odd size so I had to paint and lacquer it


The original front badge, the blue didn't really go with the yellow





The side repeater badges, these were bought from E.Bay, they didn't fit so I had to adapt them, I'd have painted these as well if I'd known



Then the wheel badges


These arrived in the post but I didn't like them - too much black and they were a bit of a loose fit. Note the painted brake calipers.


Rather than spend out on more wheel badges I painted & lacquered the originals black like I did with the bonnet badge, I like this better 



Exhaust tips painted black


A day out driving over Rivington and Belmont, those big ugly stonechip guards are next for some attention, they'll replaced with smaller carbon fibre ones 








Video of drive over The Trough of Bowland


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