Bremen, Germany 2009     

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"Lets go to Bremen for a piss up" was the idea behind this trip. It's Wesley's 50th this year and it had to be celebrated somewhere, so why not Germany? They do a half decent beer and can always be relied upon to provide a bar or two so off we went - yet again courtesy of another, "El cheapo" Ryan Air flight. 


The Hovel - erm sorry HOTEL we stayed at in Brermen was the "Schlafcompany" (naff name!) Probably not the best hotel we've ever stayed in, due mostly to the toilet situation...........  No en-suite ........& one bog between at least 7 rooms 


The plane landed at Bremen airport around 9-30pm and by the time we found the hotel, dumped our gear and paid for our rooms etc it was after 10 when we finally got out to look for a bar.  We headed towards the old town but everywhere was shut and the streets deserted.  We were way down in the old town square before we found anywhere to get a drink, so at the first (and only) one we managed to find, the four of us tumbled in. First thing to hit us was the wall of fag smoke - which was pretty disgusting after having almost 2 years of smoke free UK pubs.  We got the beers in and soon got chatting to some of the bar's eclectic mix of clientele.


One bog between so many rooms calls for desperate measures!


After an hour or so and a few beers inside us, the conversation was flowing well. Pete and me had got chatting to a nice enough Gerrnan guy & Wesley and Dez were nattering to a few others including an odd little Turkish runt of a bloke. He was having a great time, helping himself to a good feel of the tits of a woman who was sat nearby and discussing whether they were natural, or out of a catalogue.  Dez and Wes were having their own discussion - trying to determine whether she was really a chick or whether she was dude - she did have a look of Daniel Craig about her


Walking down to the old town towards the Cathedral the following morning






Above is the statue of "The Town Musicians"  which is the emblem of the town of Bremen, it's on display in one form or another everywhere you go in the town. It's based on some ridiculous story, which you can find  here It's very naff so don't say you weren't warned:


The old town square


                                                                                                                                                               (Photo by Wesley)


Pete finds himself some pussy..................



...............and Dez wakes up in the bath, but for the life of him he can't
 remember where the German bint with the monster norks came from!


                                                                                                                                                                 (Photo by Wesley)



We fancied a curry so we sent Pete out to find an Indian.......






  Cock-eyed Pete or cock-eyed door decide!  (Photo by Wesley)






Inside the Cathedral




The industrial outskirts of Bremen are a bit grim, but there's lots of construction work
going on to clear away some of the old decrepit buildings



Frothy Teutonic falling down juice..................



..........Not without it's problems in the frothy nose dept.!






                 Spooky shot of the Cathedral - where's Vincent Price when you need him?   
  (Photo by Wesley)






                        Letztes vom Sommerwein im Vaterland    (Photo by Wesley)



An old floaty thing on the river


And finally..................

.........It's nice to know it's not just English chavs who have absolutely no taste!


Das Ende - Auf Wiedersehen.................Pet!

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