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Given that we'd already had two trips away this year to Norway and Cornwall, this one was a bit of an afterthought. We were feeling the need to hit the road again but hadn't had enough time to organise a full roadtrip, so we decided the best option would be to e.mail the owner of the Gite we'd stayed at last year to see what their vacancy situation was. There was just one week available in mid July so we booked that, and a short while later we were heading south to the Dordogne / Lot Valleys for a bit of R&R. We spent a couple of days driving there and another few getting back. I'd just sold my BMW Z4 to finance the Eunos RS which was still on a ship somewhere en route from Japan at the time, which meant using Wee Jim's Ford Focus estate, aka "The Dog Carrier". No top down touring of course but at least we could share the driving more which was a plus.

I didn't intend to take a massive amount of photos on this trip, the idea being to have a bit of a relaxing holiday rather than a full on roadtrip so these are a bit of a mish mash which were just grabbed as we went, with no particular theme apart from loosely adhering to our last years "Back Roads of France"  topic. The photos were mostly taken around the Lot, Dordogne and Garonne regions and the week after as we moved east to Burgundy to visit friends. There are also a mixture of mono and colour photos here, the monos were taken for my "serious" photo website but I've included them here as well. Why not?   



Dusk Dusk from our hotel window at Saint-Valery-en-Caux, we stopped over here before driving south to the Lot Valley the following morning. 
Going east along the north France coast got us nicely around Paris and left us with a nice straightforward run south
the next day

The gite at St Projet, a very tranquil place with a nice big fresh water swimming pool all to ourselves. 



The nearest town to the gite is Gourdon, about 8 miles away. It's an old medieval place which is typical of many of the towns in this part of France 




There are the ubiquitous bakeries scattered about the town, but the cakes & bread from this one were particularly good.


By the time us lazy English folk get out and about, the choice is getting a bit limited, but I can recommend the cake with the strawberries on the left.  


Another medieval location is Carrenac with its ancient Church of St Pierre

The church is part of the 11th century priory which dominates the village.









Loubressac is considered one of the most beautiful villages in France and rightfully so.  For us it summed up our "Back Roads of France" theme perfectly.





Rocamadour is a place we've visited several times but I've never really got any decent photos of it so thought I'd get up early one morning and
 drive over to take advantage of the morning light. Unfortunately, it's in the shadow of a small mountain until a while after sunrise but when the 
sun eventually hits the village it's quite spectacular.




The road up to Rocamadour



The Pont de Valentre, built in the 14th century it took 70 years to complete. It spans the River Lot just outside the city of Cahors, the capital of the Lot region



Situated on the River Lot west of Cahors, Puy l'Evique is an ancient & sleepy
 little backwater with steep rambling narrow streets and alleyways.   This was taken 
whilst sat outside a deserted pavement cafe having a beer..... It was hot here





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