Harley Davidson Dyna Glide


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"Moses used to sniff the lines
Noah used to rock the boat sometimes
Mary used to get undone
Jesus rode a Harley Davidson"

Sept 2009

Found in Chesterfield Harleyworld with just 54 miles on the clock, this is a 2002 model year Dyna Glide Low Rider 88 cu in (1450 cee cee) first registered in 2004. Short version of the story.......Bought by a rich guy who owned a factory, who hadn't even passed his bike test. He took it to his factory and hid it away, where it remained unused for 5 years!  It's got a few small marks where things have been dropped on it but nothing serious, apart from that it's a "new " bike. It was fitted with "Screamin' Eagle" pipes, a stage one air cleaner and Dyno Jetted from new. There's also a genuine Harley cissy bar and a "Sundowner" comfy seat - again all fitted from new.  On the first ride out the engine was still very tight but its loosening up the more it's being ridden.


The day it was delivered 

So, first impressions of Harley ownership?

Not quite sure what I expected - having never ridden one before. I had an idea but whatever it was, it wasn't what I got! Imagine everything you'd absolutely hate about a bike - then multiply it by a factor of ten and you'll be somewhere near.  It's quite a shock to the system after years on Jap bikes.

After ten minutes on it you begin to enjoy it - just a bit - as the deep guttural throb of the big vee twin tries to seduce you into becoming it's friend. ........After half an hour, the ice is broken and you're having a hoot - with a big stoopid grin on your face, laughing inside your helmet like the demented idiot you are for buying one of these ridiculous things in the first place! Ridden as it should be this thing is chill city - very relaxed and under-stressed.

The build quality whilst falling just short of abysmal is more "Meccano Set" than motorcycle!. It doesn't go, it doesn't stop, the handling has all the rigidity of a wet bus ticket yet the subtlety of a slab of granite........I shan't go on.  BUT - there's something genuinely endearing about it - you can't help but love it. I think we're going to get on together just fine - only time will tell but initial signs are good. Best of all for me,  the little aging arthritic legs can reach the floor no probs. One thing's for sure, whatever you ride after giving one of these things a go is going feel about as bland as a bucketful of Greek yoghurt!!  




The original air filter cover centre was damaged so I picked up this Screamin' Eagle one to replace it.
I painted the timer cover to match and the original screws were replaced with polished stainless steel ones


February 2010


Fitting the buckhorn bars to give a more comfy riding position. With the original bars I was getting the return of an old painful elbow thing that I used to
 get on my BMW R1100S but came to the conclusion that a more upright riding position would help - which it did.  This shot shows how
 short the wiring loom is, I had to dig out more from the bowels of the spine frame which wasn't a pleasant thing to have to do!


Next job when the front is sorted will be to do something with that awful number plate and rear light. We Brits must
have the fugliest number plates in the world. The plan is to fit something like a Sparto style rear light
 and mount a slightly smaller plate underneath it - and bin that backrest. That's one of the nicest things
about owning a Harley though - you can make it whatever you want it to be!


Now that the bars are higher, the wiring for the front indicators is now too short to reach (they were originally mounted on the bars).
Rather than extend them I made these mounting brackets. I never really liked the indicators on the bars anyway - another daft Harley idea!


I think the indicators look far better mounted here


The Devil's in the detail !


Next job was to paint the front fork lowers black. I want to de-chrome some of the bike,  
I don't mind chrome but you can have too much!  Next up - sort out a new brake line, I've had
 2 made up so far and both have been wrong....may be time to change supplier!


Starting work on the rear end. The original ugly Harley rear light has been removed and will be replaced with this
 nice clean looking jobbie (only placed here to get the position - not yet fitted). Once fitted, the plate can then be mounted
 below the light. Also note that the back rest has gone, I'll make up a quick release arrangement for
 that so it can be put back on if anyone ( the missus! ) wants to ride pillion


The new light - again, only temporarily mounted as shown here - this number plate doesn't belong to the bike either by the way,
 it's an old one that came  from another bike. Eventually that seat will also go to to make way for something less bulky



I'm going to try and mount the light with the bracket below the rear fender to make it look a bit neater.
 I'll also make up some indicator mounting brackets to match the ones that I made for the front


The rear wheel on the Harley is a pain to get off because the mudguard comes down too far
and the wheel won't pass underneath it without jacking the bike up to an unsafe height.
While I'm working on the back end I'm now going to chop about 4 inches off it........


.....................And, there ya go - one rear fender cut down, I managed to do it without damaging the paint. Also, managed to get the rear light bracket to
mount beneath the fender so hopefully it'll look a lot neater when it's all back together.  The simple job of mounting a
new rear light is turning out to be a bit more involved than I thought it would be!!

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