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The RS is quite a rare car and they differ from other Eunos Roadsters by having the lightweight Kevlar Recaro seats and BBS ultra light forged alloy wheels, they also have a lightened flywheel and a lower final drive gear ratio in a Torsen limited slip differential. A lot of them have by now had their sought after Recaro seats and original alloy wheels stripped off them but this one still has the Kevlar seats, which need retrimming, but sadly the wheels have long gone. Part of the deal on buying the car was that I'd source those myself and stand the cost of them, so I went on a search to find a set of originals and in the interim I opted to buy a new set of 7" x 15" gold Rota RBs to put on, the idea being that when I'd got the car home I could track down some BBS alloys at my leisure.  


This is the car  as it was when I first saw it at the dealers, freshly imported from Japan





A  few days after buying the Rotas, a nice fella called Robin from the MX5 Nutz Forum contacted me to offer up a nice set of original BBS alloys. He'd bought them as spares for his own car but when he saw mine was missing the originals he let me have them at a very reasonable price. The following weekend saw me driving over to Derbyshire to pick them up. He'd told me they were in good condition but I was amazed at how good they were and they came complete with centres and spanner. plus the original chrome valve stems. They only need the rims polishing and maybe a light spray in the centres. I'll sort them when all the other jobs are done on the car, I'm not a huge fan of BBS alloys it must be said but it is nice to have a set of original wheels to go with the car. Meanwhile the Gold Rota RBs look really nice on it I think.


   One of the BBS Alloys


The result of hours spent buffing & polishing the flat and orange peeled paintjob.  

The car came without its RS wing badges but these were sourced from a printer on the Nutz Forum


This was a lucky find, they're usually snapped up within minutes of being advertised but I was  lucky enough to go on a forum 
very soon after this Zoom filler cap came up for sale and got in first for it.


I painted the inside of the bowl Montego Blue to match the rest of the car, it looks more finished this way and I dyed the original orange plastic
 fuel cap black with a plastic / vinyl dye


Stripping out the boot ready for rust proofing show's this to be a remarkably rust free example of a Eunos Roadster. 






The wheel centres that came with the Rota RBs were horrible things so I made these from a few bits  bought off e.bay,
 I'd have preferred them flush with the wheel really but had to build them out slightly so they'd fit over the hub nuts on the rear wheels. 


The roller that goes in the driver's door rear window guide had disintegrated and jammed up the mechanism, They're not
 available  to buy separately but I found a used one on Autolink's website and sent of for it. The one on the other side had
 also started to break up but I couldn't get a replacement so had to make one using a castor I bought from B&Q. 
While the windows were out I gave them a good clean up





I also got some Dinitrol in the doors while I had good access.................


The B&Q castor as bought.


Removed from carrier and drilled out to the spindle size needed


A few mm taken off the diameter and thickness in the pillar drill


Fitted into the window


Up on axle stands ready to strip out the suspension


Stripping out the front suspension.  For a 22 year old car it's remarkably rust 
free, not one single bolt has been rusted on yet. 


The rear spring and shock removed, I've not had a good look yet to see what needs replacing here but 
at first glance it doesn't look too bad. I gave this area a quick squirt with some WD40 to clean the dust
away, you'll not find an MX5 that's spent it's life in the UK this solid underneath. 


The front hubs / discs and the old suspension units on the bench






Front hub and swivel joint first coat of paint. 



..................It'll soon be getting some of this into the sills and box sections


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