VFR 75050

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The 750 Viffer as it should be seen - mooching through the English countryside



The VFR as I bought it with 28k miles on it, it looks quite tidy but it does need a bit of TLC. 
Mechanically it's been looked after but cosmetically it's a bit flakey. It does come with a service
 history, all previous MOTs  and a full stainless exhaust system that's been recently fitted .


That red screen will have to go eventually, it's 'orrible!!


As you can see the fork legs are a  bit of a mess............


........And, after painting they look like this above.  They're quite a bit a bit darker than the original VFR fork leg colour, 
(Viffer 750s  have slightly darker silver fork legs than most other bikes) I bought the paint because it showed the shade I 
wanted on the lid but when it was sprayed this is what came out!  Trust good old Halfords to cock it up!  I'll paint them 
the right colour over winter when I strip the bike out and do a "proper"  job on it


The result of a few days fettling and cleaning,  new brake pads all round, sloppy fitting exhaust sorted (that exhaust
 has to go - I'm not keen and it sounds like shite!), oil changed, painted fork legs And generally de-crudded!




The proper standard VFR end can fitted,  new Michelin Pilot Road 2 tyres and that horrible red screen replaced with standard smoked one






Latest photo of the VFR750, I'd just cleaned it and it looked veeeery sexy!

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