Ben's   SP-150

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Work done over winter 2009 - 2010


Working on the rear end, the swingarm is stripped out and has been away for powder coating, it will be fitted with new
bearings / seals before going back in. The shock has also been away for a re-build, the exhaust will be given a few coats of high
temp paint and a new chain will be fitted.


Exhaust all painted up


The freshly powdercoated swingarm back from Triple S. Not the best powder coating job I've ever seen,
but it's been away for a good while and we were just glad to have it back at long last! Apparently they buggered it up on the first
attempt and had to re-do it, it must have been bad because this isn't very good either. We did complain but they did now't about it


The L/H side long bearing fitted, the other side uses twin narrow bearings 


Swingarm re-fitted


Making up the new exhaust hangers that will replace the old combined hanger / passenger footpegs


Exhaust mount, painted and fitted. 


This is the exhaust mount for the other side being made








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