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Early December 2013, Wee Jim and me took a trip over to Amsterdam with Wesley and Morticia - probably the result of another drunken night at sometime when someone suggested we should go. I was last here around 1984 and not much has changed in all that time, it's still an incredibly vibrant and interesting city.  Photography wise I wanted to try something a bit different here, so the Canon SLR was left at home and I took a little "point and shoot" Lumix compact camera with me which I could fit in my pocket. The picture quality isn't brilliant, but that didn't matter too much to me because the idea behind it was I wanted to have a go at something resembling, "Street Photography" (whatever that is). So, instead of the usual pretty pictures and lots of text this is Amsterdam as I see it - in pictures. No blurb just lots of photos (probably too many) with a bit of text under any photos that need it. 



Walking to our hotel, near Dam Square



The hotel was originally a gold & diamond exchange and then a theatre,                                                                                                                
 the foyer is what was once the auditorium and these are the boxes.                                                                                                                 
















                                                                                                                                              Tulips seem to sell quite well in Amsterdam 



Cheese is quite big here too......... 



........and bikes - bikes are everywhere!




The junk market                                                                                                                                                        






Business as usual














Zuiderkerk, the first Protestant church to be built in Amsterdam







It takes a lot of concentration to roll a good spliff

































The Hard Rock Bar, we walked all the way here just so I could buy a T shirt and get a beer at the same time!











Another bar - another beer




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