A couple of Yorkshire Dales rides and a bit of other stuff

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Ribblehead Viaduct 


The BMW R1100S Grassington, Yorkshire Dales

 Pete and Horse, Devils Bridge 


The River Lune at Devils Bridge near Kirby Lonsdale, The area is a Mecca for Bikers. 


This is just one version of the legend of Devils Bridge, from a tourist board brochure .........

"The bridge dates from the 14th century and takes its name from a local legend. The devil built the bridge in order to claim the soul of the first person to cross it, but was thwarted by an  old woman who threw a bun so that her dog crossed ahead of her. The devil is said to have burst into flames and vanished"!

Variations of the same story, most of which involve a fair young maiden rather than an old woman, are to be 
found associated with several ancient "Devil's Bridge" sites in the UK. 

Yorkshire Dales Bike Run

Another one of our days out to the Dales, this was the first time in a while I'd been out biking, certainly since having to sell my VFR.  Ben had just bought his TRX850 twin, so while we were in the pub the previous Wednesday Dez had suggested we take a Saturday run out somewhere. Something I thought would be a good idea to see how I got on with a smaller lighter bike on a whole days run of a 100 plus miles. The 3 of us met up at The Brocket, a Wetherspoons pub where we put away a half decent breakfast before setting  off up to Hawes. We were surprised when Dez turned up on the ZRX1100, we thought he'd have brought his new RSV Mille out for some fresh air!  The rest of the day was spent pootling about the Dales, eventually ending up in  Grassington after a run through a valley on the superb Hawes to Kettlewell road. Here the road follows a limestone bedded stream for a few miles before passing through Kettlewell and under Kinsey Crag. At Grassington it was heaving with people as usual, and we sat outside a little pub listening to a steel youth band going through a very dodgy version of "Highway to Hell" 




........................................ And one of Ben and Dez's bikes


Dez and Ben having a break - between Hawes and Kettlewell. 
Somebody said this looked like a scene from "Brokeback Mountain" ...Hmmm, Got to agree they've got a point!


This was a nice moment to be around, an old classic Velocette being ridden through the Dales. It Could have been the 1950s
..................Apart from the Gortex jacket and the full face helmet that is!





Jeffrey's Spiffing Adventure

A very good mate of mine was offered the opportunity to take a flight in a Microlite plane that one of his old friends has bought a half share in, Jeff being Jeff jumped at the chance to go up in it.  He's a wee bit eccentric is our Jeff but he's a damned good pisss'ead and can always be relied on to hold several pints of Caffreys before falling over in a heap, which by our standards makes him a top bloke.  He's actually much - in fact very much older than me so he really is a fully paid up wrinkly in the truest sense of the word...........................From now on he will always be known as "Douglas Bader" ...Why?  Because Like Bader he's always legless! (Thanks to Tony Scott for that )  

Biggles had landed a little late and missed the fancy dress party, but his Teletubby outfit was very good


 "Joy Stick located Captain.........  Roger, and  it's out"





 Flying over the little Herefordshire village where Jeff lives




Day out over Rivi, in Wesly's Throbbin Crud with Wesley Junior at the wheel and OGB junior on his TRX 

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