Garage Refurbishment 2015

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A very potted history


I had my present garage built onto the side of the house in 1986, Liz was well on her way to giving birth to Ben when it was finally finished around June of that year, he eventually popped out into our mad little world about month or so later to the sounds and smells of car engines, petrol and cellulose paint - in return he gave us the sounds of brain piercing howling, and the wonderful aroma of shitty nappies and baby sick.

Prior to the new garage being built we'd had a pre-cast single one for a few years which was cold, draughty and leaked more than Julian Assange when it rained, but against all the odds I still managed to build and modify quite a few cars in there, including spraying some using a tiny compressor which ran out of puff after about 3 passes with the gun - happy days.

More tools, cars & motorbikes meant a bigger workshop was required, so I successfully sold the idea to Liz that what she needed was a new kitchen to replace the pocket handkerchief sized one that came with the house when we bought it.  ....... and in doing so happened to mention "in passing"  that whilst that was being done we might as well have a double size garage built as well. It went down surprisingly well, a lot better than I thought it would to be honest, so pretty soon this was occurrin'  .........


The garage being built in 1986, the line of the old pre cast garage roof can be seen on the wall in the above photo


Restoring the MGB in 1987


In the almost 30 yeas since then the place has seen lots of action and has gone through several reincarnations. There have been quite a few cars restored in there, mostly MGs and a partial restoration on a VW Karmann Beetle plus several motorbikes.  In the early 90s I took voluntary redundancy from my job with BT and started my own  photography business. To supplement the income I bought a small printing machine and started knocking out wedding stationery as well, which was quite easy to sell when I was booking to shoot a wedding so it was a good little earner, but this needed somewhere I could operate from so 1/4 of the garage was walled off and turned into a small print room / office while still leaving room for the car and bikes. There was even a spell of a few years using the garage for restoring and making guitars, so it's certainly led a colourful life.



When the office was in there, this was around 2009ish 


After retirement in 2010 the office was retained and used purely as a "man cave" for a few years but after an abandoned house move in 2013 it was knocked down and I was pleased to have my double garage back once again.  More recently, the ravages of much use and old age were beginning to show. The outer walls needed some pointing doing and the two up and over style doors were looking decidedly geriatric and bent after more than one scally attempt had been made at breaking in through them, so the decision was made to have them replaced with more secure and better fitting electric sectional ones. Having decent fitting doors at last, it now made sense to insulate the flat roof and close in the open rafters to help retain some heat in there and make it more comfortable over winter - not only the seasonal winter either, but my own as well. 


Packing everything up for the house move in 2013, which never happened after
me taking ill so it all had to go back again eventually, but I took the opportunity to
enlist the help of Ben to help knock down the office and get my double garage back again.


Sorting everything out after knocking down the office and moving a few things around. These were grim days indeed for my poor old garage. 

You can see where the old office used to be, it had served me well over the years it was there, and I didn't have too far to go for work in the morning.




September 2015


The posh new electric doors fitted


Rewiring some stuff


The front strip lights had to be moved to the walls to keep the ceiling clear for the doors to slide.


Starting on the onerous task of boarding in the rafters


This believe it or not was damned hard work and took me ages, I had places hurting I never even knew I had.



September 2015




Must paint those legs at the back of the bench, that'll do my OCD no good at all. 




Genuine reproduction of Paddy Hopkirk's Monte Carlo Rally plate from his winning Mini of 1964
Complete with authentic fake stone chips added at great expense. 


                                                                                         Ben won't be pleased when he sees this, but I couldn't resist











Books old and new. And, yes I really did once own a Vauxhall Nova - but in my defence m'lud it was an SR!


We need more retro signage, these look a tad lost and lonely here


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