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Oxford English dictionary's definition of disappointment: 

"The act of disappointing, or the state of being disappointed; defeat or failure of expectation or hope; miscarriage of design or plan; frustration".

So yep, I was disappointed alright...... & frustrated that I was unable go on this trip, the V.Max was all loaded ready to roll but I'd had steadily worsening pains in my joints in the week leading up to our departure.  Instead of going to the docs to get it sorted, I carried on and hoped it would go away - but it didn't, so come the time to leave I couldn't even lift the bike off it's side stand. Not a good thing according to Wee Jim, so I went back to bed and that's where I stayed for most of the next week!

Eight of us had planned to ride down through Spain to Portugal over Easter 2008, but because I couldn't go only seven went:...........  Wesley plus his new Moto Guzzi V1200 Sport,  Dez, after much deliberation over which of his growing stable of bikes to go on opted for his Kawasaki ZRX1100, Pete was on his Blackbird, Steve on his new model Triumph Tiger, Howard on the newly purchased Fazer Thou,  Chris with his VFR750  and Blake his Yam R1.

The following are all secondhand tales that were picked up over coffee and a few beers after their return.  All of the following photos were taken by Wesley (bless 'im)


After a long, wet & windy ride down to Portsmouth they finally arrive at the ferry terminal. 
Now there's just the 36 hour crossing to get out of the way before landing in Sunny Spain 





The ferry crossing didn't turn out to be the "Restful Cruise" they were all hoping for, instead it consisted of almost the whole voyage spent in a force nine gale. These  shots were taken in a bit of a lull when things had improved slightly,  apparently.  Pete fared the worse - he spent many unforgettable hours in his cabin with his arse on the bog and his head in the sink, the poor lad was really seasick  


After landing at Bilbao in the early hours of Saturday morning, the chaps were then faced with a 400 mile ride down to Rio Caldo in Portugal. Unfortunately the weather hadn't improved any, so most of the journey was spent riding in a howling gale with heavy rain chucked  into the mix just to cheer them up a bit!  It was also freezing.  The photo above looks great eh? A few miles further on and they were in the middle of a snowstorm. Click below for a short vid


He's either saying his prayers, checking his pulse to make sure he's still
alive or just very cold!  Dez In a cafe somewhere in Portugal



They finally arrive safe and sound at Casa Poula, which is the house we'd rented in Rio Caldo. 
These shots were taken - when it had stopped raining long enough - from the roof terrace of the house.


Now, that's beyond the call of duty - he keeps a clean machine tho' does our Pete. It pissed down again shortly after!



Trough time at Casa Poula 


Some shots from around Rio Caldo

One of the bridges over the lake.


Looking back along the lake towards Rio Caldo




Howard on one of the mountain roads above Rio Caldo






I have a problem with this shot....5 strings and only 4 tuners !  Pete In Braga



The Birdman of Bragatraz .......mingin' git, hope he's going to wash his hands after this



Howard and the bikes at Porto



Porto - looks like it's getting ready to piss down again.



Wesley's Guzzi at Rio on the last day before heading home.........it's raining - again!



Arriving at the Hotel Bufon near Llanes in Northern Spain after yet another days riding in the wind and rain. Hey - that rhymes!



The only decent riding weather they had in the whole 10 days - the last 60 miles to Bilbao! 



Dez and Howard on the ferry home - Pete's down below in his cabin with his head down the bog again - it was another rough crossing 


Thanks to Wesley, he managed to bring back some great shots despite the foul weather. They never had much luck on the ride home either, after disembarking the ferry at Portsmouth more torrential rain and high winds greeted the lads to accompany them on their 250 mile run north.  The general consensus of opinion was, "Not the best bike trip we've ever done"  Never  mind, there's always next time!

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