Spain 2005                   
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This was a trip I never went on. Wesley and me had organised a Europe tour for later in the year so we couldn't justify another one in March. We'd also organised a Scotland run for June and Pete was working, so we gave this one with Dez, Jack, Steve and Howard a miss. I haven't got a clue where anywhere is, all I know is they got a ferry to Santander in Northern Spain and rode from there. Dez organised this tour so they could have ended up anywhere really. Some of the photos they brought back  weren't bad though, so here they are.........most of them taken by Dez


The "Good"  the "Bad" and the downright feckin' "Ugly"



Dez gets all chuffed when he finds a village with his name.
   If they go south to Tossa then they could all have their photos taken by an appropriate sign



 Nice shot from the bike


That's not a bad view to wake up to in the morning!



A nice pair of Renthals and a Micron end can would finish it off lovely!




The monastery where they stayed





Howards VFR on the operating table

Somewhere in Spain the front wheel bearing on Howard's Honda VFR had decided to self destruct, so they had to search out a Honda dealers to have it repaired. Apart from that all the bikes went well and there were no other major problems. 

There was only Jack who had a wee crisis, not with his bike but with his dinner. Jack being Jack couldn't make do with sausage egg and chips, he just had to try something different. God only knows why the daft bugger ordered Hake Cheeks at a restaurant they went to.... Probably because the " Arsehole of Budgerigar" was off.  Looking at the photo, I've got to say he's lucky the bloody thing didn't eat him. Now pass me the spew bucket. 

Bring me a Hake Cheeks Sandwich - and make it snappy".  
Yes, very appetising Jack, I particularly like the fag touch - smoked Hake Cheeks was it?   






Nice evocative motorbiking photo.


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